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Valuation Services: 
We offer valuation services of all classes of assets including:

  • Land , 
  • Building , 
  • Plant & Machinery,
  • Fitting, 
  • Fixtures,
  • Furniture Office equipment, 
  • Motor vehicles etc for purposes of mortgage, 
  • debenture, 
  • open market for sales/purchase, 
  • rental assessment, 
  • rating, insurance and book keeping amongst others. 

Such services have been offered for a wide range of clients in the entire country.

Property Management: 
We offer property management services to all classes of properties including commercial , residential, industrial and   agricultural.    
This involves : 

  • Lease administration , 
  • Assessment of rent and service charges, 
  • Rent and  service charge collection and accounting, 
  • Tenants public relationship, 
  • Management of building maintenance and repairs, 
  • Tenant selection and letting of vacant premises, 
  • Management of property service contracts, etc. 

We have in the past and presently managed properties on behalf of major clients as is shown in the summary of clientele list attached.

Estate Agency Services: 
We offer estate agency services for purposes of all classes of properties